Unlock The Healing POWER of Selenite: Clear ALL YOUR Negative Energy

If you’re looking for a powerful crystal to help clear negative energy and enhance your spiritual growth, Selenite should be at the top of your list. This beautiful white mineral is known for its healing properties and ability to bring clarity and peace into any space. It has been used by many cultures throughout history as an aid in meditation, prayer, and other forms of spiritual practice. In this blog post, we’ll explore the physical characteristics of Selenite crystals, how they can be used to clear negative energy from your environment, how they can support spiritual growth and development, tips on where to find high-quality Selenite crystals, examples of people who have successfully harnessed the power of selenite in their lives, and instructions on how best to care for a selenite crystal.

Selenite Crystals

1. Selenite and its healing properties

Selenite, which is a type of crystallized gypsum, has become quite popular in recent years due to its purported healing properties. The selenite crystal comes in many forms including wands and chunks of selenite that can be used for healing and meditation. People also enjoy selenite due to its calming effect and the peaceful energy that radiates from it. In addition to the spiritual, mental, and emotional benefits associated with selenite, it can also be used to physical ailments by way of massage therapy. By placing selenite crystals over the body’s chakras during these massages, practitioners of alternative medicine claim that selenite helps balance our energies and heal any blockages within them.

Selenite Crystals

2. The physical characteristics of Selenite

Selenite is often identified by its unique physical characteristics. It is a crystalline form of Gypsum, known for its translucent and satiny appearance. Selenite typically presents as tabular crystals or crushing-resistant columns that can reach lengths of several feet in size. While many selenite crystals are transparent, some selenite specimens present with a beautiful shimmery opaque hue. Its hardness scale ranges from 2 to 3 Mohs, depending on the type of selenite deposit it forms within. Moreover, selenite displays luminescent properties and exhibits double refraction due to its crystal structure when viewed under light microscopy. Taken together, selenite crystals are intriguingly distinct examples of minerals found in nature.

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Selenite Crystals

3. How to use Selenite for clearing negative energy

Selenite crystals are widely used to help clear negative energy from the environment and balance a person’s spiritual energy. It is an incredibly powerful tool for clearing out any destructive, stagnant, or blocked energy from yourself and your living space. To use selenite correctly, make sure that it is cleansed first by running it under lukewarm water then leaving it in moonlight or sunshine for at least one hour. Once cleansed, selenite can be used to cleanse other crystals—just place them on top of selenite for 20 minutes or so. Furthermore, selenite can be held while meditating; simply hold the crystal between your hands as you focus on each intention. Finally, selenite can be placed around the home perimeter to protect spaces from unwanted vibrations; simply place selenite into each corner or near doorways or windowsills. In this way, selenite may offer protection, safety, and closure during challenging times.

Selenite Crystals

4. How to use Selenite for spiritual growth

Selenite, known for its beautiful translucent appearance, has many spiritual and healing properties that can aid in one’s spiritual journey. It is a high vibrational stone which emits an energy that will clear blockages from the mind and body, as well as from your environment. Selenite crystals can be used for intuitive development by stimulating your third eye chakra to open up your inner vision to inner knowing. They also connect us to our higher self and the divine energy present within us all. To use selenite for spiritual growth, it is best to meditate with selenite in your hands while focusing on your desired outcomes. Feel the serene vibration this crystal offers in order to promote clarity, awareness and peace of mind during meditation practice.

Selenite Crystals

5. Tips on where to find high-quality Selenite crystals

If you’re looking for selenite crystals of high quality, then there are a few key places to check. The best selenite generally comes from reliable mineral suppliers who have been operating in the business for many years and have a strong reputation of delivering selenite crystals of the highest standards. Local craft stores that carry selenite will often also stock higher grade selenite due to its popularity in crystal healing and energy work. Additionally, searching online can be successful, though it’s important to fully research the vendor before making an purchase. With careful research, you should be able to find selenite of excellent quality no matter where you look!

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Selenite Crystals

6. Examples of people who have used selenite successfully in their lives

Selenite is a powerful stone for healing, protection and rejuvenation that has been used since ancient times. The selenite crystal is known for its ability to clear away negativity and bring about clarity of thought and empowerment. In modern times, selenite crystals have seen increased popularity due to the wide range of physical, mental, and spiritual benefits that it provides. People from all walks of life have used selenite successfully in their everyday lives – from yoga instructors who incorporate selenite into their practices as a calming agent to business moguls who use selenite stones during meditation to increase focus on their goals. The healing properties of selenite can be harnessed by anyone seeking balance in their life, making it an ideal choice for crystal enthusiasts everywhere!

Selenite Crystals

7. How to care for a selenite crystal

Selenite crystals provide peace and serenity, so it is important to properly care for them. To begin, selenite is sensitive to any contact with water or chemicals, as these can damage the crystal’s structure. Stick to gentle cleansers when wiping off the selenite’s surface to avoid any harm. Additionally, selenite does not need sage smudging or a deep cleansing ritual, but you can use intention anytime you are working with selenite. Lastly, selenite crystals should be kept someplace dry like in a soft box or pouch. This will keep dust from accumulating on your crystal and help preserve its natural properties.


Selenite is a powerful crystal with many healing and spiritual benefits. It is a high vibrational stone used to bring clarity and focus to spiritual practice, while its protective properties create a sense of safety and security. When cared for properly, selenite can be an excellent tool for physical, mental, and spiritual growth as it connects us to our higher self and provides us with clarity of thought. With the right research and intention, anyone can use selenite to experience its many healing benefits!


By following these tips on how to find quality Selenite crystals, showcase examples of successful uses, and provide instructions on how to care for your crystal, you’re sure to find the right Selenite crystal for you. So, why wait? Start your selenite journey today!


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