Meditation Mount is a spiritual center, located in Ojai, California that has provided an atmosphere of peace and harmony for generations. Founded more than 40 years ago by the Meditation Society of America, Meditation Mount’s goal is to support individual explorations of the deeper dimensions of life. Meditation Mount’s grounds feature winding paths through gardens, labyrinths and beautiful vistas with breath-taking views. Throughout its history Meditation Mount has held many meditation events as well as other events promoting environmental awareness, sustainable living, health and wellness education. Meditation Mount has become increasingly popular among individuals looking for a tranquil space for mindful exploration and relaxation. Its offerings are accessible to local communities year-round, giving everyone a chance to explore the property or experience breathwork or silent retreats hosted there.

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Meditation Mount California

What sets Meditation Mount apart from other meditation retreat locations

Meditation Mount offers a unique space for those wishing to experience the calm and positive vibrations of meditation. Located on a mountaintop overlooking the Ojai Valley, Meditation Mount provides an expansive view of lush greenery, crisp fresh air, and an atmosphere conducive to spiritual growth and wellness. Meditation Mount’s prime location offers natural beauty and serenity that can’t be found in other meditation retreats located in more densely populated areas as well as an opportunity to immerse oneself in nature while practicing periodic stillness. The Meditation Mount team prides itself on creating an atmosphere of peace, respect and acceptance specifically designed to promote self-reflection and meaningful insight. With its beautiful terrain, personal welcome upon arrival, uniquely crafted guided meditations utilizing the solar system, Meditation Mount stands out from the rest in allowing seekers to feel deeply connected with this profound sacred environment for optimal spiritual growth.

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Benefits of Visiting Meditation Mount California

Meditation Mount is a unique meditation location that is set within the coastal mountains of Southern California. Meditation in this setting provides many mental and physical health benefits. Meditation can help reduce overall stress levels, improve focus and clarity, improve creativity, and alleviate anxiety and depression. Physically, as people clear their minds through meditation, they experience deeper relaxation which helps to lower blood pressure and reduce chronic pain. Meditation can also be used to strengthen the immune system by helping to reduce inflammation in the body. With Meditation Mount providing a special atmosphere of peace, serenity and natural beauty on top of its majestic mountain, it has become an ideal choice for individuals seeking to take advantage of these health benefits.

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Meditation Mount is the perfect place to experience clarity and peace. The center overlooks beautiful Ojai Valley, California, providing visitors with beautiful 360-degree views of nature’s beauty. Meditation Mount also provides a variety of meditation classes and events that are designed to foster an atmosphere of inner stillness, giving visitors a chance to reconnect with their own intuition and sense of inner peace. When visitors enter Meditation Mount, they can expect to feel uplifted by the supportive energy from staff and other visitors who are there for the same purpose: to explore deep relaxation through mindfulness. With Meditation Mount’s peaceful environment, stunning landscape, and numerous opportunities for learning about meditation techniques, it’s no wonder that many people leave feeling more inspired than ever before.

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Experiences on Offer at Meditation Mount California

Experiences on Offer at Meditation Mount California

Meditation Mount provides a variety of guided meditation activities on-site, ranging from general mindfulness and breathing exercises to specific meditation practices. Through engaging guided visualizations, Meditation Mount participants are encouraged to look within and raise their awareness. Additionally, Meditation Mount offers transformational workshops that focus on topics such as goal setting and life paths. Each workshop is created in order to bring peace and nurture growth through deep self exploration. Meditation Mount also provides Reiki healing sessions which utilizes spiritual energy to help create balance within the mind and body. Meditation Mount has the opportunity for a transformative experience for all those looking to further enhance their wellbeing or explore different facets of mindfulness practice.

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Meditation Mount

Meditation Mount is an organization that encourages visitors to unlock their spiritual identities through self-reflection and creative exploration. Meditation Mount’s goal is to provide a safe, nurturing space where visitors can reconnect with themselves and express themselves artistically. Visitors can experience peaceful meditation sessions, engaging group activities, and stimulating art workshops that challenge them to explore the depths of their spirituality. Meditation Mount creates a supportive community environment that fosters an appreciation and respect for each individual’s unique journey on the spiritual path. All individuals are welcomed at Meditation Mount and supported in discovering, expressing, and cultivating their true inner selves.

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Meditation Mount, based in Ojai Valley, California, has been providing peaceful and inspiring experiences for visitors from all over the world since the 1970s. Visitors of Meditation Mount have come back with stories of profound shifts in their outlooks on life and spiritual awakenings. One recent guest reflected on her experience: “I’ve never felt closer to nature – or more serene – as I did during my visit Meditation Mount. The sensations that visited me were overwhelming, and the transformation I underwent was unmistakable.” Other accounts recall tremendous mental clarity after a meditative practice, infused with an insight into their personal power that is both empowering and freeing. Meditation Mount continues to provide guests an unforgettable experience full of potential for holistic healing.

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on Offer at Meditation Mount

Meditation Mount is a world-renowned spiritual center located in Ojai, California. Every year they host several enlightening talks and workshops that explore spiritual teachings and practices. Meditation Mount also organizes events such as lectures, meditations, qigong classes and musical concerts to connect with the local community. Not only are these events open to everyone in the community but Meditation Mount goes above and beyond by providing some of them at no charges. If you’re looking for powerful experiential programs that bring about transformation, Meditation Mount should be your first and foremost visit!

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Planning Your Visit to Meditation Mount California

Meditation Mount invites visitors to experience personal growth and peace during their stay. Whether you choose to join for a night or for an extended stay, Meditation Mount offers several accommodation and activity packages that are tailored to fit your individual needs. Prices range depending on length of stay and the type of package chosen, all of which include meals prepared with particular attention by Meditation Mount’s skilled chefs. Furthermore, Meditation Mount offers complimentary guided mediation opportunities and activities, allowing you to benefit from Meditation Mount’s teachings without breaking the bank.

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Planning Your Visit to Meditation Mount California


Meditation Mount is a beautiful and inspiring place that offers visitors an opportunity to reconnect with themselves and explore their spiritual identities. With its peaceful atmosphere, engaging activities, skilled staff, and affordable packages, Meditation Mount continues to be the go-to destination for those looking to deepen their spirituality. Whether you’re interested in a day visit or an extended stay, Meditation Mount provides a transformative experience that will leave you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.

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