5 Top Youtube Meditation Channels

With some guidance from internet gurus, you can find some equilibrium and learn to handle your problems. Mindfulness can be beneficial for a wide range of mental health concerns.

On YouTube, visitors can see yoga and spiritual practices in video format for free. It may seem contradictory to seek inner calmness on the Internet. The rise in popularity of ASMR or online fitness material demonstrates that people use these digital platforms to improve their health.

You may harm your inner self by being in isolation and coping with the current scenario. Mindfulness has recently become very popular due to the skills it provides to assist people to manage anxieties, tension, and discomfort. Why not practice meditation to introduce a little tranquility into the house for a moment of calm amid the chaos?

5 Top Youtube Meditation Channels


Meditation will help you in recovering from trauma and stress. There are many YouTube meditation channels and some of them are:


You’ve probably heard of Calm, the famous meditation software if you’ve checked mindfulness choices recently. Calm’s YouTube page, on the other hand, is chock-full of excellent meditation alternatives, ranging from the night casts to the ten-minute regular meditations.

The videos are often calm, with soothing ambient noises like birds singing, logs crackling on fire and other natural images like seawater or windy grasses.

When you first start the Calm program, you’re prompted to breathe deeply. Even before you engage and explore everything the program has to give, this soft reminder asks you to relax. Once inside, you may choose around 40 quiet natural settings to create your relaxing landscape and soundscape. Look at and hear the sounds of a rushing river, showers in the yard, a sunny beach, or a crackling fireplace—anything that soothes you.

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The channel plays relaxation music, not meditations, yet it boasts one of the most comprehensive and well-rounded selections online. They have a great soundtrack to maintain you focused during the day or tunes to make you asleep for 8 hours. You can modify the meditation session by listening to their music chants while watching a non-musical textual video from another YouTuber.

Yellow Brick Cinema is a soothing music venue where you can unwind, rest, and refresh. Relaxing music, mixed with brainwaves and state-enhancing harmonics, is created by world-class musicians to calm you down, sleep, concentrate, and heal.

These videos will make you feel at peace and relaxed by combining videos and pictures from some of the nation’s most stunning locales.

7 Minute Mindfulness


The channel’s mission is to change the world one perspective at a time. Choose from a variety of options, including time, emotion, and even male or female speech. They include introductory classes and particular meditations for job challenges, leisure, and more advanced topics like energy balancing and reaching deeper consciousness.

New Vision is distinguished by its meditations for children and adults. Parents, schools, and counsellors all use their films. It is an excellent resource if the child has trouble falling asleep or resting.

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It’s practically impossible to discuss meditation without discussing Headspace, a famous meditation program that includes sleep stories, exercises, and other features. Mini-meditations, informative films, and a celeb meditation program are present on the YouTube page. In addition, their cartoon meditation suggestions video is almost relaxing on its own.

Headspace is a virtual meditation app with a large collection of exercises. The brand has become a staple in the booming sector of wellness applications, helping to promote mindfulness to the mainstream, with around 65 million downloads. The short meditations are convenient to fit into busy schedules, but some people may prefer something more profound.

Mindfulness refers to the act of distancing oneself from one’s emotions and becoming more conscious and engaged in the current moment.

Traditional definitions of meditation have included a systematic seated practice in which a user focuses on the breathing, heart, or some other inner idea or image.

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The channel was founded by Sara and Les Raymond. The American couple’s YouTube channel offers advice on how to lead a more thoughtful and contented life, and an exploration of how being more truly present may help you grow. They provide a variety of meditations of varying lengths and topics to suit any mood or situation.

Meditation is more adaptable, and it may be practiced in a variety of ways, including formal meditation or simply going about one’s daily routine. Mindfulness extends this range of attention to include exterior tasks, relationships, and situations. Mindfulness is about being present in the moment and one’s perception of it.

Meditation, which was once seen primarily as a spiritual activity, has acquired its character, gaining acceptance in increasingly popular sectors. In the 1970s, the ancient discipline was introduced to America as a thorough practice, and it has since been gradually merged into mental care and wellness treatment methods.

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Mindfulness has several physical and mental health advantages, and research done over the last few years continues to uncover new ones.

In brain scans, some effects of mindfulness have been shown. Meditation is thought to be neuroprotective, protecting brain regions involved in decision-making, organizing, and difficulty from the consequences of stress. Meditation has even been shown to help delay, stop, or even prevent the natural mental loss that happens as people age.

You don’t want anything to meditate, however, there are two elements you must have:

Something comfortable to sit on. Standing and moving meditation are both options, although seated mindfulness is the most prevalent and the perfect place to begin.

There’s a clock. Because meditation is about strengthening the attention muscle, repeatedly checking a watch will negate the aim of meditation by diverting the focus away from the breath.

If you’re just getting started with mindfulness or if you have spinal issues and find lying on a meditation pillow difficult, a chair is a good option.

The most commonplace for people to lie during mindfulness is on a cushion. A meditation cushion has the advantage of allowing you to remain in a vertical position, which promotes your attentiveness and the intensity of the meditation. You may be inclined to slouch when using a chair or a bench, which can lead you to lose perspective.


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