Workshops & Retreats

"Took part in another writing workshop with @SeanMMadden yesterday.
He rocks! So gentle, so encouraging, so real. Inspiring!"
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Since May 2012, Mindful Living Guide — the business, the website, and the person — has been slow traveling around Europe with his partner Mufidah Kassalias.

Therefore, Sean is not presently organizing regularly scheduled courses, workshops or retreats, though during the Spring and Summer of 2013 he did lead a number of one- and two-day creative writing workshops in France and the South East of England.

He is, however, very happy to consider leading specially scheduled one-day, weekend, and multi-day Creative Writing and Mindful Living workshops and retreats in Europe.

Should you like to help us organize such a workshop or retreat, please email Sean so that we can connect and discuss the particulars (e.g., location, venue, dates).

Recent Courses & Workshops

For the past several years, in the South East of England, Sean has been running, on a full-time basis, ongoing 6-week creative writing courses and regularly scheduled one-day creative writing workshops, in addition to the following writing, literature and mindful living courses and workshops:
  1. Moving Beyond Fear — Finding & Keeping Your Writing Voice
  2. Gathering Seeds for Self-Exploration & Expression
  3. Reconnecting with Your Soul via the Written Word
  4. Activating & Fulfilling Your Creative Potential

For more information email Sean.