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Sean in Vichy, France
Sean M. Madden is an American writer-educator, photographer and slow-traveling digital nomad who has lived in the South East of England since 2005. However, in May 2012, he and his partner Mufidah Kassalias embarked upon a slow traveling tour of Europe which continues with no end in sight.

You can read a brief summary of their travels, or a more detailed version, published 18 January 2014.

In addition to their other creative endeavors, Sean and Mufidah are fully ensconced in their entrepreneurial venture, founded in July 2013 while in Scotland, CreativeThunder.co — working with creative businesses and individuals, worldwide, to build tribes of loyal customers via strategic websites, visual storytelling, and social media.

You can also follow their day-to-day goings-on via Sean’s and Mufidah’s Instagram galleries. During their 7.5-month stay in Burgos, Spain in the autumn of 2012 through the spring of 2013, these photographs came to the attention of a Diario de Burgos journalist who profiled Sean and Mufidah in the city and province’s main daily newspaper — not once, but twice — in two feature articles published exactly a year apart. In December 2013, 367 of their acclaimed 1,400+ Burgos photographs were published in a book, entitled Burgos². You can preview the entire book here.

Diario © 2013 Sean M. Madden
Diario de Burgos
Sean is also the creator of Mindful Living Guide, founded in 2006, a website focused on creative writing and mindful living. Since 2002, Sean has developed and led creative workshops and tutored widely in the humanities, guiding folk of all ages. The programs he creates incorporate an exploration of language, literature, art and spirituality (through mindful awareness). Read student/client testimonials here.

Sean holds two Master of Arts degrees in Western and Eastern (India, China, Japan) philosophy and classics from the Graduate Institute at St. John’s College in Annapolis, Maryland and Santa Fe, New Mexico (USA). As part of these unusually intensive post-graduate programs — completed between 2002 and 2005 — Sean studied literature, philosophy, and political and social thought, as well as ancient Greek and Sanskrit, and translated sizable swaths of Homer’s Iliad and the Bhagavad Gita.

He subsequently received journalism training in London from both the Centre for Investigative Journalism at City University and the National Union of Journalists.

He holds both US and UK citizenship.

In 1995, Sean also founded a unique executive-level consulting firm recognized by The Washington Post, the Chicago Tribune, Success Magazine, HR Magazine, the Harvard and Columbia business school newsletters, and many other publications. He began his professional career as an analyst for American Airlines, where he held three successively higher management positions in five years, including in the corporate Financial Planning & Analysis and Marketing Performance groups.

Sean earned a BBA in Finance in 1989, immediately after which he taught English at a private summer school in Tarragona, Spain, a school he returned to in both 2007 and 2008.

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For those who wonder, "What is your lineage?" 

My mindful living lineage is the Massachusetts forest-dwelling tradition of Henry David Thoreauji, my primary philosophical school that of hard knocks and soft whispers, and my practice an abundance of personal experience and places, great books — East and West — sweet dreams, great teachers, long walks and lonely winters, the woods and the waters, mountains and valleys, the glorious sun and just-fallen snow, stillness and silence, and, perhaps most importantly, great trust in the wisdom within and without, whispered by the greatest teachers of all — the breath and the ten thousand things — such that only the subtlest of listeners can hear their truth.