Wednesday, May 15, 2013


We have a brilliant proposal for your consideration.

Here's the deal ...

Mufidah and I are looking for places to bunk down and work while we continue to organize, promote and lead our Write from the Heart writing workshops this spring and summer.

Mufidah & Sean — Writers in Residence

, on the other hand, have always wanted to have your very own writer-in-residence, and are now bowled over by the opportunity to have not just one such able-bodied (and -witted) writer but two such folk sharing your living space!

All we need, really, is a room to sleep in — we also travel with self-inflating mats and a lovely double sleeping bag should you not have a room but a bit of floorspace — and shared use of your kitchen (we like to cook and would be happy to prepare meals to enjoy together) and internet connection, by way of which we organize and promote those aforementioned writing workshops.

And we'd be happy to write together, to hold occasional mini-writing workshops with you at your kitchen table or what have you.

We're available for stays of just a night, two or three, but are also happy to consider the possibility of staying on longer should you have the space and desire for us to do so — particularly so if there might be a town, or several, near you within which we could run our workshops.

Like to get in touch before we're fully booked up? Easy — just shoot me an email.

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