Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year! (No Excuses in 2013)

"Traffic Cop" (Burgos, Spain)
(click image to enlarge)
Photo/Text © 2013 Sean M. Madden. All Rights Reserved.

A very brief blog post to wish all of you a particularly Happy 2013! I chose the above photograph, taken this past Saturday, as a reminder for all of us to stop making excuses this year. Let's take time to figure out what we want to achieve in 2013 and get to work.

And let me know if there's anything I can do to help you achieve your aims.

With warm regards,



  1. Happy New Year Sean & Mufidah!

    Love the stuff you're posting; pictures are so beautiful.

    - Don in USA

    1. Thank you so much, Don. And a very Happy New Year to you too.

    2. By the way, Don, what you said above means all the more given the person who left the comment. Speaking of which, I've just pulled up your blog so that I can read through some of your recent stories, poems, etc. offline.

      And I'd recommend that all who come upon this post and its associated comments link out to Don's storiesstoriesstories website. While his "About" page says he's "trying to find his voice", he, in fact, has earned his living for years as a professional writer, albeit not through his fiction and poetry.

      We first came to one another's attention exactly six years ago, as writers whose work had been published by the same online publication back in January 2007, in the early days of Mindful Living Guide, of which he has been a source of tremendous support all these years.