Sunday, November 25, 2012

#Burgos #Instagrammers: Sean & Mufidah

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Photo/Text © 2012 Sean M. Madden. All Rights Reserved.

Mufidah and I have been profiled in today's Sunday edition of the Diario de Burgos, the city's main daily newspaper, specifically with regard to the hundreds of Instagram photographs we've thus far taken of Burgos, and our intention (ever since we embarked upon our combined project in mid-October) to try to find a local publisher interested in working with us to publish a book of our combined very best shots as a means to simultaneously get our work into print, for local Burgaleses to have a book which presents a unique view of their own beloved city, and to promote Burgos as a destination for travelers.

We've received an incredible outpouring of support from locals here as well as folk from around the world in response to our Instagram photos, every one of which is hashtagged with #Burgos and simultaneously gets posted to our respective Twitter, Facebook and Flickr accounts. Here's a recent comment sent to us from another topnotch Burgos Instagrammer, @LeopoldoRoldan:

"I am amazed by Sean and Mufidah ... how to sell an entire city with #Instagram!!!"
You can read the online edition of the article here. And you can read a Google-translated (into English) version of the article here, though it stands as a textbook example of the pitfalls of computer-generated translations in that the lead sentence is translated such that it gives exactly the opposite sense of the author's original intent. Specifically, the original article says that "Mufidah and Sean are not a conventional pair of visitors", whereas Google has (mis)translated it as "Mufidah and Sean are a couple of conventional visitors". So if you know a bit of Spanish you'd be well-advised to read the original alongside the translation.

Also, while the paper edition includes one Instagram photo each from Mufidah and me, the online edition doesn't. So here are the two photographs, below:

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Last Light, #Burgos © 2012 Mufidah Kassalias
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Two Nuns, #Burgos © 2012 Sean M. Madden

If you'd like to view our respective Instagram photostreams, you can do so here: Sean, Mufidah.

You can also read Mufidah's blog post about our Burgos Instagram project here.

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