Wednesday, August 1, 2012

MLG Travel Update: Day 78

Abrest (Auvergne), France
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DAY 78 (Wed 1 Aug '12): Nearly 1 pm. Mufidah and I are working at the Vichy library. Fast, dependable internet access (campsite internet access continues to be sporadic), and a cool, comfortable place to work together on another 90 degree day (32 C).

This morning we awoke early to see if internet access had magically reappeared after being down much of yesterday. I was hoping to add a nighttime photograph of the Gare de Vichy to yesterday's MLG blog post, and to correct a couple of (in)famous Blogger spacing issues.

The good news: Internet access was miraculously up-and-running at 7.37 a.m.

The not-so-good news: This was a half-hour after my blog post of yesterday had shot its way via FeedBurner to all my subscribers. And the minor edits which should have taken two minutes, at most, took ages. The story, in a nutshell, of Mufidah's and my life of late!

The self-glorifying upshot: I managed through great persistence to get the Gare de Vichy photo uploaded, and fixed the blog post spacing issues. If you'd like to have a look (go on, indulge me!), click here.

Anyway, after managing to get this done, the internet crashed again, and we had breakfast, sitting in a sunny patch in the vacated pitch just next to ours (fortunately for us, this tent pitch is usually vacant). While I was busy trying to get the blog post sorted, Mufidah made a pan-full of homemade chai with honey, and we ate the last of our muesli mixed into our individual yoghurt pots. And we each had a piece of baguette complet (wholemeal) topped with cherry confipote.

Post-brief rest in our tent, we went to the pool, mid-morning, to swim laps so we could come here to the library to work. We planned to shower in between, but the toilet and shower block was being cleaned. So, we're (sorta) grubby geese, though well-chlorinated.

And just before embarking upon this supposedly brief MLG travel update, I posted the following to Twitter:
RESOURCEFUL couple summering in #Vichy. What can we do for you? Sean:, : #work #value
So, if there's something we can do for you, locally in the Vichy area, or worldwide, please let us know — we're intelligent, fun and hardworking folk. 

Even simple living, and traveling on a frayed shoestring, involves significant day-to-day expenses for things like food, campsite fees, phone contract, petrol and such.

Speaking of which I also need to change the oil in the trusty '98 Fiat Punto, and this involves buying 5 liters of oil and a new filter. I also need to get one of those cheapo oil filter wrenches so that I don't have to hammer a Phillips screwdriver through the side of the old oil filter to remove it. This was a trick an old guy at an auto parts store in Tunbridge Wells — who sold me my last oil change supplies, and was helping me to save money — taught me. Truth be told, it worked pretty well, but was a bit messy and time-consuming.

Oh, and as noted in yesterday's blog post, I'll be aggregating these Twishort posts into Mindful Living Guide blog posts as a means to keep a public record of our travels and such. So if you haven't yet subscribed, you may do so by clicking here.

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