Tuesday, July 3, 2012

MLG Update from Vichy, France — Web-based Creative Writing Course & Workshops!

World Wide Web-Based
Creative Writing Course & Workshops
from Vichy, France

Join us via the web from anywhere in the world!

[IMAGE: Sean and Mufidah working from their Vichy tent]

GOOD NEWS for all my student folk from the South East of England, my worldwide one-to-one clients, and everyone else who has wanted to join us for a Creative Writing course or workshop. Now you can join us from anywhere in the world for: 1) our inaugural web-based 6-week Creative Writing Course and/or 2) one or more of our upcoming 2-hour Creative Writing Workshops, likewise web-based using the industry-leading GoToMeeting platform.

We've found GoToMeeting to be a particularly good, intuitive and ideal platform for web classes with up to 25 participants, though, for now, I'll be limiting the web-based course and workshops to the first 12 folk who register. So book your place now.

As an introductory offer, the 6-week course fee will be just £75 (versus the regular fee of £95) and, just like my in-person classes, we'll meet for two hours each week. The 2-hour workshop fee will be just £15 per workshop (versus £25), and you can sign up for any number of these as there are no prerequisites.

The course and workshops are ideal for beginners and professionals, whether you'd like to ...
  • try your hand at creative writing for the first time,
  • free up your writing (and your day-to-day life),
  • write together as part of a supportive group,
  • pen reflections of your life experiences, or
  • get to know yourself and the world around you better via the written word.
Here are the date/time details ...
  • 6-Week Web-Based Creative Writing Course: Wednesdays, July 11 to August 15, 7-9 pm (London; Check Your Local Times)
  • 2-Hour Web-Based Creative Writing Workshops: Saturdays, July 7, 14, 21 and 28, 7-9 pm (London; Check Your Local Times)
To book your place, please send me a brief email letting me know: 1) which course/workshop(s) you'd like to register for, and 2) your email and postal addresses. I'll then send you the relevant payment details, depending on whether you live in the UK (from which you can make an online bank payment) or elsewhere (in which case you can pay via PayPal).

As some of you might know, I had intended to announce the course and workshops a couple weeks ago, while we were in Lille, in the north of France. But suffice to say that finding dependable internet connections (not to mention the necessary time!) while traveling has proven to be quite a challenge thus far. Add to that the need to keep Mufidah's and my respective laptops and iPhones charged, and our staying with any given host for just a few days throughout our travels in France thus far, and you have what adds up to our having been in touch less frequently than either of us would like. I have, however, been posting regular updates to Twitter.

So, if you're not already following my Twitter account you can do so here. At the moment I have 5,985 Twitter followers, so you could help me to reach 6,000 by the end of the day today!

Also, we decided this past week to settle for the time being in an idyllic campsite just outside of Vichy, where we have wifi and electricity in our tent, along with a four-plug surge protector (bought while in the UK) to accommodate both our laptops and iPhones. So we're fully engaged online again, and are very happy campers, indeed!

We arrived in Vichy on Saturday, 23 June. We had, in fact, been planning on skirting around it on our way further south. But when our non-motorway travels were taking longer than anticipated, we stopped in Vichy for a quick dinner while considering what to do next. Over the course of our meal, we decided to stay in Vichy for the night, but in considering the many upsides to the campsite here we opened to a complete paradigm shift in realizing that this was a potentially perfect spot for us to settle in for a while.

[IMAGE: Sean and the Vichy campsite cat]

We have a lovely pitch in a lovely campsite which is run by a lovely family (with two lovely cats!), and which is within easy walking distance from the center of Vichy, a town which we've fallen for, much as we had a couple weeks ago in Lille. In both cases, we had intended to stay for a short while, but ended up deciding to stay on. And in between we spent four days and nights in the Avenue Jean Jaures area of Paris, and another night at a campsite in Fontainebleu (where a gypsy jazz festival was just getting underway) before continuing on to Vichy the following day.

By the way, if you didn't receive the blog post update from Lille a couple weeks ago, then you're not subscribed to receive MLG blog posts, which are distinct from MLG newsletters like the present mailing (though I will also be publishing this newsletter as a blog post as a means to update other MLG readers, given that it's been a while since the last post). If you'd like to receive the blog posts — and, thereby, be kept apprised of our travel adventures, etc. — click here.

Okay, that's all for now. I'm really looking forward to leading the upcoming web-based course and workshops, and hope to have you with us. It's a great opportunity to connect from anywhere in the world, to experience a web-based writing class from the comfort of your home, and to connect with fellow writing friends, new and old!

So, hopefully, we'll see you soon via the web ...

With love and warm regards,


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