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Writing Prompt Thursday (#wpthu): 17 May 2012

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WELL, WE'RE OFF and officially "couch surfing" on the living room floor of a dear friend's house in Meads, near Holywell, where the South Downs drop sharply into Eastbourne.

I've always loved Phoebe's place. We've shared scrumptious, relaxing Sunday meals here, post-writing workshop glasses of champagne, cups of tea, compassionate conversation, and it's filled with so many of the same books which hold a special place in my heart. Books which once again lie in wait in cardboard boxes.

We've just arrived and already I've spotted three or four volumes of Rumi, Carol K. Anthony's A Guide to the I Ching, Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj's I Am That, Deng Ming-Dao's The Living I Ching, the Tao Te Ching, Natalie Goldberg's Writing Down the Bones, and on and on.

This is a place, like our friend Luci's, where I immediately feel right at home, nurtured.

Phoebe's big black and white cat, Snoopy, was already asleep on the window sill of the living room when we arrived, and turned on the light. I was delighted to see he was here, tucked in for the night rather than off somewhere outside mousing. Just five minutes ago, he awoke from his slumber to take up residence on my folded up pair of Levi's, proceeded to give himself a midnight bath, and is now fast asleep.

Snoopy of Meads, Eastbourne

And, so, an update is due to the Mindful Living Guide community ...

Since the Mindful Living Monday update from a few days ago, we've managed to completely move out of our beloved flat Behind the Blue Door, and are now officially homeless.

As we still have a few things which need doing in Lewes tomorrow, we'll be heading back there in the morning. We'll be sorting through a couple boxes to make final decisions on a few items which we were holding in reserve, uncertain as to whether we'd have space for them, whether they are, in fact, essentials, or a luxury we can't afford.

We'll also be meeting with Vera, the woman who will be selling our various possessions on our behalf, and we'll visit with Mufidah's mother again to finish getting her set up with my old desktop computer which I prepared for her over the past 36 hours or so, while packing up our things. I deleted my old files, set her up as the sole administrator, having deleted my own account, downloaded the latest versions of Firefox, Thunderbird and Explorer, set up her Gmail and Skype accounts so she'll be able to stay connected with us during our travels, and handed over the wireless keyboard and mouse which, until now, I've used much of the time with my laptop. While I considered otherwise, these turned out to fall into the category of luxuries which we can't afford while trekking around in our '98 Fiat Punto, now, as of yesterday, complete with a rooftop box which gives us much more space to carry our things.

It feels good to be moved out, almost all of the necessary pre-travel tasks behind us, with a twelve-month MOT to match our new, as of yesterday, twelve-month European car insurance policy, the third policy we purchased since making our decision to go a-traveling a month ago. Suffice to say that the insurance imperative was a most onerous one, a task which consumed huge amounts of time and energy, and which, until purchasing our present policy, gave us only six months of coverage. Now we've a full year ahead of us, should we wish to tap into that possibility.

Today's #wpthu prompt ...

Today's prompt is inspired by the ineffable generosity which so many friends have extended to us over the course of the past month as we've been preparing to do what has for so long seemed impossible.

Take fifteen or more minutes to write today of those things which you're grateful for, acknowledging, in particular, those folk who have helped you out along the way, who have supported your sometimes-crazy-seeming adventures, and whatnot. This is a writing prompt which can be repeated throughout one's life.

As always with #wpthu, write longhand (it's good to reawaken your writing hand). Nurture a sense of letting go of any creative burden, self-critical judgment, or comparison (with yourself in times past, or with others). Keep your pen moving. And honor, truly honor, whatever flows through you and onto the page. This is great practice in learning to trust in the process.

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