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Mindful Living Monday (#mlmon): 7 May 2012

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HERE WE ARE, one week prior to embarking upon our European travels, and there's a scary number of things to be done, just as there has been throughout the past three weeks since we made the decision to give up our flat Behind the Blue Door, to let go of so many of our creature comforts, and to surrender to living life on the road, toodling about in a car which I've noticed seems more tin-can-like than ever.

A 1998 Fiat Punto, with a fair amount of corrosion in its underbelly, yet with a fresh 12-month MOT, after having had a bit of work done on it this past week.

I said in yesterday's video that we'd had a stressful day the day before yesterday (not to mention the one before that, and before that, and so on!), and that letting go can be difficult. And that's absolutely true, as we've all experienced in various ways over the course of our lives.

Yet, it's not so much the letting go which we're finding difficult, as all the physical and administrative tasks which need to be done in order to begin to let go and surrender.

In this day and age, one can't very well surrender the need, say, for that MOT, the renewing of our car tax, or making sure we have proper insurance coverage for our travels around the Continent. Without getting into the tiresome details, the latter process we've found none too straightforward. To say the least.

But the point here is that it's very easy in this modern-day world to have so many things which need doing, so many tasks calling for — very often demanding — our attention, our energies and our limited time, that it's all too easy for fear to rise up and start galloping away with us bumping away wildly in the saddle, scarcely keeping hold of the reins letting alone actually reining in the beast of these incessant demands.

Today's #mlmon tip ...

So today's #mlmon tip is a simple reminder to acknowledge your fear when it arises, allow it to be there, to wake you up, to rouse you to action, while not letting it get the better of you.

Fear comes and goes, and we must continue to face it, moment-to-moment, while not being undone by it. Instead, we take that tiny step forward which leads to the next tiny step until fear begins to drop away of its own accord, and is replaced by inspiration, leading, eventually, to a job well done.

Right now, I have to muster the energy to get this post published and promoted so that I can return to face the fear, one step at a time, of getting my bookkeeping caught up to date in preparation for filing two annual tax returns — my 2011 U.S. tax return (in preparation for, then, filling out financial aid forms for my daughter who'll be entering her third year of university in the fall) and my 2011-2012 UK tax return.

It's important to me that these various tasks be completed as soon as possible in the week to come so that I can turn my full attention to getting everything in our flat sold, given away, packed or stored by this coming Saturday — while sorting out the car, what we're bringing with us, etc. — so that we'll have Sunday to clean our flat, leave it in tiptop condition so that we can depart for the Continent Monday morning feeling free and clear of all concerns related to the various things which need doing before we set forth on our travels. 

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  1. The other thing about fear is that it, in turn, brings about so much more suffering, both within our own selves and in others.

    We lose our patience more easily, lash out at others, torpedo our own efforts, inspiration, inner truth and natural goodness, and the fear and resulting conflict deepen and widen as it is indulged.

    Instead, we can practice recognizing, early on, the rise of fear, opening to it, feeling its physical manifestations and observing the way in which it so quickly shortcuts our breathing, our clear mindedness, and our inner peace.

    The earlier we catch it, the easier it is to dissolve through simple, beneficial actions, like embarking upon a task we've been putting off, taking ourselves off for a good, long walk in nature as a means to reconnect with ourselves and the world around us, or simply taking a few moments, or minutes, to reconnect with our breathing, with our physical bodies, and, thereby, with our present moment experience.

    These simple actions can help us to regain perspective, to relax our body and mind, and to begin to move beyond fear.

    What have you found helpful in facing and transcending fear?