Monday, May 21, 2012

Mindful Living Monday (#mlmon): 21 May 2012

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Today's #mlmon tip ...

Today's Mindful Living Monday tip is inspired by yesterday's post about our slow travels. So if you haven't already read that post, you can do so now and then return to today's tip, which is simply this ... 

To slow down in your own day-to-day travels, whether you're literally traveling or metaphorically meandering through the journey of your everyday life. In other words, slow down, focus less on the outcome, less on the goal, and give yourself the time to soak up more of the serendipitous magic of life along the way.

Take the time to notice the change of seasons, the pair of white doves which roost each year in the right-hand cornice of a small cottage on Watergate Lane, and who work together to build their nest — he finding twigs and other suitable building materials, she weaving them together. Or the rush of your own heart when you spot a dachshund on the sidewalk which you'd like to meet and greet.

Allow yourself to feel, wholly, whatever you're presently feeling, beneath the workaday business of earning a living or ticking off a laundry list of things to be done.

What would it be like to move more slowly, more deliberately, more observantly through your day, today, as well as through the remaining weeks, months and years of your life?

Of course life can only be lived in that eternal present moment. That's a relief, isn't it? We needn't look back and judge ourselves about how well we lived moments past, nor look ahead and fret about how we'll live future moments. We need only concern ourselves with the present moment at hand, and the rest will take care of itself.

So enjoy slowing down, today, and taking time to smell the roses or, as I prefer, the coffee. Speaking of which, Kuljinder, Mufidah and I have porridge which has now been soaking for about 36 hours (due to Kuljinder deciding, yesterday, to prepare a special Sunday breakfast of parathas). So I'm looking forward to that, post-shower, and to our shared elevenses coffee with bagels.

In short, yay! for traveling at a (relative) snail's pace through all that today has in store for each of us. May you notice things which inspire and warm you within which you might otherwise have perhaps unknowingly rushed past.

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