Monday, May 14, 2012

Mindful Living Monday (#mlmon): 14 May 2012

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TODAY is meant to be our departure day, yet circumstances outside of our control necessitate that we stay on until Tuesday. In short, we're awaiting the arrival of my renewed U.S. passport which the embassy in London has assured me will be posted today. And as I included a postage-paid overnight delivery (before 9 a.m.), it will hopefully be with us tomorrow morning. Although I also hold a British passport, it seems wise, too, to travel with my U.S. passport in hand.

Thank you to everyone who has written in the past few days to offer us their love, support and well wishes on our European travels. This outpouring from so many corners of the world means so much to us both.

We've been going flat out over the past month, as I think everyone knows, ever since we decided to embark upon our quite spontaneously hatched, yet long considered, adventure to go a-traveling. While we got a full night's sleep the night before last, which was absolute bliss, the two nights prior to that were short, with just a few hours' sleep on two consecutive nights. And then last night we stayed up until 5.30 a.m. only to rise again at 6.30 when our respective iPhones — positioned on either side of us — strummed their soothing yet not altogether welcome harp alarm in stereo.

Now, we've still a million and one things to do prior to any departure, so there'll be no let up until we're safely aboard a ferry on its way to France. Then I think there'll be a great outbreath in relief in having managed to actually do what we've so long wanted to do and yet which at times seemed so far away.

For now, it's a quick breakfast consisting of morning porridge with chopped apples, dates, walnuts and cinnamon, along with a hot cuppa tea, and then we're back at it. But I wanted, first, to update everyone on our goings-on, while also leaving you with this brief tip which seems quite apt ...

Today's #mlmon tip ...

As I've said elsewhere on Mindful Living Guide quite some time ago, I originally penned this as a reminder to myself on September 11, 2007 (I had dated the note), and have been happy to have found solace in it each time I've stumbled upon it, which happened just yesterday as I was organizing my files, pre-travels ...

~ Don't be fearful (of the unknown, the question of what is to be done, etc.), be inspired with the foreknowledge that confidence — and, indeed, inspiration itself — builds as soon as one has taken that first step, no matter if it feels more like a giant leap into the abyss.
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