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Mindful Living Monday (#mlmon): 30 April 2012

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Today's #mlmon tip ...

Today's Mindful Living Monday tip is one you might like to do on a regular basis, or whenever you find yourself in a bit of a difficult, self-pitying or fallow rut.

Simply put pen to paper for 10 minutes or more, and write in response to those aspects of your life for which you're grateful. You might begin with those things which exist in your present moment, or perhaps start off writing of those people, places and other loves from your childhood which have enriched your life.

As with any writing prompt, not knowing where to begin is a wonderful place to begin. I find it helpful to begin by writing out the question itself, sometimes more than once, until the first inklings of a response begin to flow through me and onto the page. In this case the question is, What am I grateful for?

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