Monday, April 2, 2012

Mindful Living Monday (#mlmon): 2 April 2012

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Okay, now that you're back, and your two subscriptions have been confirmed, let's get on with ...

Today's #mlmon tip ...

Yesterday, my partner Mufidah and I spent ages lying on a sunny riverbank. And this lying about, riverside, on a Sunday afternoon inspired today's tip.

It was glorious to have left behind our shared busy-bee existence, mid-afternoon, to walk out of town to the nearby River Ouse, to stroll upstream, and to sit, and eventually lie, on the sunny side of the grassy bank. To simply rest. To move beyond workaday considerations, to be, and to ground ourselves, literally, on the riverbank, amongst birdsong, and the occasional passerby.

The moment I sat down, naturally letting my left hand touch the ground between my crossed legs, my right hand resting in my lap, and felt the sun pouring over my skin, a sense of well-being washed over me, much as the birdsong did.

And all those workaday concerns left of their own accord, without my having to struggle to get rid of them. On the contrary, when we allow ourselves to truly rest, to reconnect with ourselves in a natural way, in natural environs, the concerns of everyday life fall away without our involvement.

We return to our natural state

So, today's tip — which you can as well think of as this week's tip — is to take some time to get into the great outdoors, and lie on the ground, to rest in the sunshine, and to feel the support of the earth. Rather than to find obstacles, focus, instead, on meeting the challenge.

If it's cold where you are, dress warmly. If it's wet, find a relatively dry spot, and bring along a blanket or suitable ground cover. If you live in the city, take yourself to a park, or somewhere outside the city. And, literally, lie (or sit) on the ground.

Feel the sun warm your skin. Hear the birds, and perhaps the flow of a nearby stream, the lapping of waves upon the shore, the wind rustling nearby leaves. And give yourself over to resting. Also, give yourself plenty of time for the chattering mind, of its own accord, to quieten, and for a sense of peace and well-being to well up, rejuvenating you from within.

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  1. It's taken me a few days, what with living in the city and having a wheelchair-using daughter visiting, but this afternoon we made it to the top of the hill at Stanmer Park and both lay in the grass, with the sun in our faces.

  2. Thank you so much for following through with this week's #mlmon tip, and for sharing your account with MLG readers.

    I've just a few minutes ago returned home from having spent the day in Brighton, mostly along the beachfront, sitting and lying on the sun-warmed stones, as well as by the basketball court watching the players of all ages get along so well as a community, without any overseers, without referees.

    A really good day out.

    It wasn't until I was on my way home to Lewes, on the train, that I received your comment, and I can tell you I was touched to think that, as a result of this week's #mlmon tip, you and your daughter made a point of getting to the top of the hill at Stanmer Park and lying on the grass together, with the sun on your faces. Beautiful.

    I hope you'll be joining us again this coming Monday as well.

    With warm regards,