Monday, April 16, 2012

Mindful Living Monday (#mlmon): 16 April 2012

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Firstly, if you haven't yet read yesterday's important announcement about MLG going on the road, I'd suggest doing so when you have an opportunity.

Today's tip is, in fact, inspired by yesterday's announcement.

As noted therein, Mufidah and I have decided to take that initial step of the proverbial thousand-mile journey. But, first, long before we made this decision, we considered deeply what was already beneath our feet, where we presently stood.

We have been unspeakably grateful for our time living in our lovely apartment Behind the Blue Door. We could scarcely imagine living in a more beautiful space or one situated in the center of so inspiring a town. And I've been aware throughout the two years I've been living here with Mufidah that there'll no doubt be many days and years ahead when we look back at the precious time we've spent here together with a heart swell of tenderness and nostalgia, and as having been such a gift, so full of love, and so foundational in so many ways, not to mention unbelievably inspiring — from the meals we've prepared and enjoyed here, to the creative work we've done together in this large room overlooking the High Street, to the many classes we've held here, one-to-one clients we've worked with, to the many nights spent in our ship's-cabin-like bedroom behind the hush of the parapet and amongst ancient worm-eaten timbers which have witnessed countless generations.

How will we ever find a place to live in like this again? It's very likely, almost certain, we never will. And that thought tears the heart asunder.

We spent this evening at our 92-year-old friend Martin's house, and while he gave his full blessing this past Thursday when I first mentioned our-yet-to-be-finalized decision to go a-traveling, this evening Martin was, in his own words, backpedaling a bit. He doesn't want to see us go, to put ourselves at such risk traveling without a backup plan, without ample contingencies, be they financial, mechanical or carefully planned itineraries. I'd not seen Martin like this, not quite full of doom and gloom, but admonishing us to reconsider, to stay in our flat which he likewise loves and visits at least once a week, to share elevenses or a meal with us.

We understand Martin's concerns, will miss him terribly, and know, too, his advice could well turn out to be spot on. And, yet, Mufidah and I have both long been aware of a certain pull to let go, to not be bound by these golden handcuffs which do, indeed, bind, to, instead, follow our intuition to travel to new places, to meet new friends, and to generally surrender to serendipity as well as to the higher creative power rather than to stay put, to cling to a place, and to a particular way of doing things which may no longer serve their purpose.

But this decision, which on one hand seems to have come all of a sudden, was, in truth, incubating within us both for a long time, long before we met one another three-plus years ago.

There were times when our vision seemed distant, indeed, times just a very short while ago. The vision scarcely seems possible even today. We know we have countless challenges to overcome in the next four weeks before our allotted time here expires and we're due on the road and at the ferry port. So many things need doing, so much seems overwhelmingly daunting if given much thought. Yet our creative vision, and our deep desire to travel freely, outweighs the considerable challenges and fear of the unknown, challenges and fears which we're both certain could easily keep us from pursuing our dreams, if we let them.

Today's #mlmon tip ...

Find a quiet, contemplative place within which to listen to your inner truth, that authentic, intuitive voice which we sometimes push away or fail to listen to in our day-to-day madness and rushing about. Take your time, listen over the course of today, this week, and weeks and months to come, and find out, for yourself, whether you're living the life you want to live.

Are there long-held dreams which have been obfuscated by the clutter and machinations of modern life, which have been trying to make themselves known via whispers scarcely audible, and which perhaps have been relegated to being dreams no longer valid, no longer suitable, no longer possible given your circumstances?

Consider putting pen to paper and letting these whispers be acknowledged in writing. Give them space to breathe, honor what they might be trying to tell you, simple ways perhaps in which you could break free and reconnect with your inner truth, your creative self. What dreams do you still dream of?

And, just as importantly, consider the ground beneath your feet. What are you grateful for? What, perhaps, no longer serves? How might you be able to realign your life with your vision?

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    And, besides, patience is, indeed, a virtue, and I promise not to try yours too heavily! :-)

    In the meantime, I look forward to hearing from you ...

    With warm regards,


  2. Sean, I, along with Marin, feel deep concern and yet admiration for your courage. My religious convictions give the peace that I know all will be well. My reservations and my blessing go with you both on a journey that will inspire all of us as you share it with us. Love to both. Mom

    1. Hello Mom,

      Yes, I've spent quite a lot of time talking with Martin over the past couple days, and we have his full blessing and support, of course. He, like you, is concerned yet incredibly supportive about the whole thing.

      The reality is he's going to miss us just as we're going to miss him, our being able to to pop round to one another's place for coffee, conversation, a meal or what have you. Whether to leave him was a big part of our considerations, and the reason I talked with him about it before having made a decision; and he was adamant we not stay here on his behalf.

      Anyway, thank you for your unconditional love and support, and for your interest in following our journey. We're ineffably grateful.

      Mufidah and I have just finished a Skype call with her daughter in L.A., and she's incredibly supportive of the whole thing as well. In a word, she said she's "stoked" we're going to do this together. So it's wonderful to have so much support with this endeavor.

      All for now, as I must write up tomorrow's #wpthu post. Hopefully you'll be able to join us this week as well.

      Let's talk soon ...

      Love, Sean (& Mufidah)

  3. I would love the opportunity to travel again. I would love to see Greece again even though I know they are having terrible economic problems right now. I do hope you enjoy your travels and look forward to reading about them.

    1. Hello Glynis,

      Thank you, again, for being such a regular follower of all things MLG. We really appreciate that.

      Greece is one of the top-most destinations on our list of countries to not only visit but, hopefully, spend considerable time. Greece and Turkey. You might have seen in the video posted earlier today that Mufidah's father is Greek, and lives in Athens.

      And thank you as well for your interest in following our adventures. Keep in touch ...

      With warm regards,