Friday, April 27, 2012

Behind the Blue Door: A Poem

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Photo © 2012 Sean M. Madden. All Rights Reserved.
The below poem, written by Sue Ross, was sent to me a few days ago in response to our recent announcement to take MLG on the road. Sue is a writing student of mine whose presence Behind the Blue Door has been greatly appreciated. Thank you, Sue.

Behind the Blue Door
A lovely space
Where kindred souls
Come face to face.

A space to teach,
A place to learn,
And always to
Each other turn.

A window view
Above the street,
Two years go by
And life is sweet.

And in this place
A dream is born,
An idea seeds,
Begins to form.

The pigeons freed
To fly away.
Sean and Mufidah
Name the day.

Now much to sell
Some things to pack,
Behind the Blue Door
No looking back.

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