Thursday, March 29, 2012

Writing Prompt Thursday (#wpthu): 29 March 2012

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Here's today's #wpthu prompt ...

Take 10 minutes (or more) to put pen to paper and write about a place which you treasure. But more than just writing about the place, write in response to it. In other words, include how your treasured place makes you feel, what associations rise up for you, and let your writing meander where it will — without much consideration — like a raindrop falling down a window pane.

As always, simply put pen to paper and write (yes, longhand — it's good to get away from the computer for a while, and to reawaken your writing hand). Nurture a sense of letting go of any creative burden, self-critical judgment, or comparison (with yourself in times past, or with others). Keep your pen moving. And honor, truly honor, whatever flows through you and onto the page. This is great practice in learning to trust in the process.

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