Tuesday, January 3, 2012

6-Week I Ching Course (Lewes, East Sussex)

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Friday Fling with the I Ching
6-Week Course
8–10 pm    20 Jan–24 Feb

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Beginning Friday, 20 January (through 24 February) I'll be leading a 6-week exploration of the I Ching, or Book of Changes, the 3,000-plus-year-old Chinese classic. Although traditionally considered a tool of divination, a more philosophically mature engagement with this manual for living entails an inner cultivation, an active positioning of oneself within and without as a means to navigate the ever-changing, cyclical nature of life. As most of you know, I also led this fully booked course last year, likewise during the winter, and it was tremendously enjoyable and fruitful — a time of coming together each Friday evening, leading to new friendships and new understandings of ourselves and how we can tap the wisdom of the I Ching to strenghten our intuition, and to live well, with wisdom.

I first studied the I Ching as part of my M.A. in Eastern Classics program at St. John's College in Santa Fe, and was thrilled to return to the text last year to explore it with others while continuing to use it in my own life as well as to offer one-to-one consultations with clients. As regular readers of this newsletter might recall, I wrote here and here this past October about my then-present I Ching consultations.

Just as we did last year, we'll be using Deng Ming-Dao's brilliant translation and guide, entitled The Living I Ching. Deng (surname) is also the bestselling author of the contemporary classic 365 Tao, Everyday Tao, Chronicles of Tao and Scholar Warrior. I received the below from him last year, via email:
Thank you for using my book [The Living I Ching] in your courses. I'm glad that it can be used in this way. I appreciate you using 'The Voice of the Oracle' as a reading because I intended it that way. It's great to see its purpose finally fulfilled.
Yours, Ming-Dao

Meeting Behind the Blue Door from 8 to 10 pm each Friday evening, we'll explore the principles of change by way of the I Ching, and learn how to access this rich source of wisdom as a means to strengthen our intuition and to make intelligent decisions over the course of our lives. Rumor has it there might even be a selection of Chinese/Taoist teas served up each Friday evening!

Far from throwing ourselves to the winds of fate or using the book as a modern-day fortune cookie, we'll explore this timeless, world-renowned classic together, and consider deeply how we might best respond to various situations. A great deal of the benefit of working with the I Ching comes from contemplating how best to phrase a particular question which we might be struggling with in our day-to-day lives, as well as, then, interpreting the resulting commentary of the I Ching as it might relate to the question we've posed. In the process, we'll be challenged to consider the question and our present circumstances in fresh, new ways, and to make this consideration conscious or explicit, thereby enabling us to live more deliberately, with greater wisdom.

If you'd like to join us for this exciting, hands-on course, please book your place as soon as possible, as spaces for this popular course are limited and will be offered on a first-come, first-served basis. The 6-week course fee is £95, the same as last year. You'll also want to buy your own copy of the I Ching for out-of-class readings as well as to refer to in class. And, of course, this will be a book which you'll want to keep, to treasure, and to consult as you continue along the path of your life journey. Click here to buy the book via Amazon.co.uk. I'd recommend ordering this as soon as possible so that you'll have it in plenty of time before the course gets underway.

And a final reminder that the ...
Mindfully Creative Writing Courses

begin this coming Monday evening (7-9 pm) and Wednesday morning (10 am-12 noon)

Though we have a splendid group of folk who've already booked, there are still places available in both the evening and morning classes. Click here to book your place. And remember you can pay for all of my courses, workshops and one-to-one sessions via online bank payment. Email me and I'll send you the bank details.

In addition to paying as above or by cheque, you're also welcome to pay using your PayPal account or your debit/credit card by clicking on the gold Donate button in the right-hand column of this website. Please note, however, that you'll need to add 5 percent to any payments made via the PayPal button in order to cover the fees they charge me.

Thank you, folks. With the intensive novel planning and plotting course coming to a successful close tomorrow evening, I'm looking forward to the writing/mindful living courses beginning next week as well as the I Ching course beginning two weeks from Friday. And I hope you'll be joining us for one or both of these new-year courses. Regardless, Happy 2012 to all!

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