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Mindfully Creative Writing Courses, A Holiday Consideration & Organizational Courses/Workshops

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Seaford Beach, 27 November 2011
Photo © 2011 Sean M. Madden

Winter Writing: Mindfully Creative Writing Courses
January – February 2012

Many creative goings-on have been happening Behind the Blue Door, even as we make that shift from autumn to winter.

Too often we generalize about what the winter's going to be like, and too often we assume it's going to be cold, dull and grey-skied. Yet as the above photograph shows, there's so much beauty and life emerging all around us all the time. But when we fall into that space of generalizing and, thereby, assuming how we think things are going to be, we can so easily miss out on these energizing and nourishing moments which are continuously aswirl, both within and without. If only we remember to witness these heart-warming, soul-enriching moments in our day-to-day lives.

Well, that's what the next two 6-week courses are going to be all about ...

Beginning with the Monday evening course on 9 January — and the Wednesday morning course on 11 January — we're going to focus on the two seemingly dualistic but in reality wholly interconnected paths of creative writing and mindful living. I could as easily, and as appropriately, say mindful writing and creative living. Creativity is awakened when we are mindful. And mindfulness likewise blossoms when we live creatively. In short, we start paying attention to the world within and without, and this makes us curious, returns our natural childlike wonder, and nurtures us.

And, so, throughout our six weeks together, we'll simultaneously embark upon a winter-time mindful living and creative writing adventure, intertwining the two with in-class meditation and writing, both of which you'll be able to carry with you into your day-to-day, moment-to-moment life right from the start of the new year.

If you'd like to join us for this, and start 2012 from a place of sacred groundedness and creativity, click here.

While the 6-week course fee is £95, if you register by Tuesday 13 December, you can pay just £75 to reserve your place. This means payment must likewise be received by the end of the day Tuesday. This gives you plenty of time to post a cheque. However, since more and more folk are paying me via online bank transfers, this can be accomplished quickly and easily without any delay whatsoever. If you don't already have my bank details, just send me an email letting me know which course you'd like to register for, and I'll reply with my bank details.

And if you'd like to come with a friend or two, I'd greatly appreciate your forwarding on this information to them, ideally right away so that they can also benefit from the £20 course fee reduction.

A holiday season consideration ...

Would you or a loved one benefit from one-to-one guidance and mentoring heading into the New Year — with regard to creative writing and/or mindful living?

If so, you can book a block of time to be used over a specific period and, thereby, save as much as a third off my regular hourly fee. This guidance and mentoring could prove to be an invaluable gift to enter into the New Year with direction and support, either for yourself or for someone close to you. My hourly one-to-one guidance and mentoring fee is £60, or £50 an hour if you book a 5-hour retainer (to be used within one month of the initial appointment) or £40 an hour if you book a 10-hour retainer (to be used within two months of the initial appointment).

Courses & workshops for your organization ...

I'm also available to lead creative writing and mindful living courses and workshops for business, community and other nonprofit organizations. Just email me and we can discuss how I can best position such a course or workshop to meet your organization's particular needs and interests. As 2012 is going to be a busy year within the Mindful Living Guide realm, the sooner you contact me the better so that we can book, well ahead of time, dates which work for the members of your organization.

And, as always, please let me know if you have any questions. You can also reach me on 07971 774151.

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