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Creative Writing & Mindful Living Courses (Lewes): September through October 2011

Creative Writing &
Mindful Living Courses

(beginning next week ...)

As mentioned in the September issue of Viva Lewes, our new Creative Writing & Mindful Living courses begin one week from today.  So if you've found that you've wandered from your writing, would like to reconnect with fellow writerly folk, or might benefit from a burst of creative inspiration, the back-to-school days of autumn are a wonderful time to embark upon or to further develop an ongoing writing practice.  Likewise with an ongoing mindful living practice.

The two Creative Writing courses which begin next week are entitled Write Your Way into Autumn.  The Monday evening class, beginning 12 September, runs from 7 to 9 pm.  The Wednesday morning class, beginning 14 September, runs from 10 am to 12 noon.  As always, these classes are ideal for folk brand-new to creative writing as well as for seasoned professionals, as the focus is on the process of writing, or the creative process more generally, and learning to break through those pesky obstacles which can sometimes keep our writing from flowing freely.

And as I've said countless times, and as those of you who've come to my clases have witnessed for yourselves, to the extent we open up to the process, truly honor it, then good writing comes of its own accord.  Writing, that is, which resonates with others because it's writing which has come from an authentic place, from the truth of our own lived experience.

Also, the popular Friday Fling series of Mindful Living courses starts up again next week with The Art of Mindful Living: Tapping the Creative Well-Spring.  This reading, writing and discussion course can be taken as a standalone class or as an excellent accompaniment to the above six-week Creative Writing course.  Specifically, we'll look at ways to live more artfully, to open ourselves to the freshness of the present moment, and to find seeds of inspiration in the details of our day-to-day lives which can energize and inspire us to live creatively. This course begins a week from Friday, on 16 September, and runs on six consecutive Friday evenings from 8 to 10 pm.

All classes meet Behind the Blue Door which, as most of you know, is also housing our Artwave exhibition, Witnessing the World Within & Without: Photographic & Poetic Musings.  We've had a brilliant response since Artwave opened two weekends ago, with scores of folk venturing Behind the Blue Door @ 177 High Street, Lewes, to see our photographs as well as our poetic responses to these images.  The accompanying writing includes short stories, poems and vignettes.  This coming weekend, 10-11 September (11 am to 4 pm), will be your last chance to see the exhibition as part of the open-house Artwave festival, though we intend to keep the exhibition in place for a while so that our September students will be able to view it.

Here's an online map, though if you know Lewes, we're smack in the middle of the High Street, directly across from Caffè Nero.

If you'd like to book a place in one of the above courses, please click here for registration details.  Also, as the classes begin next week, it would be helpful if you can please send me a very brief email letting me know that your registration materials are on their way.

These courses also make great gifts for your loved ones if you'd like to book on behalf of someone whom you think would benefit from such a class but might not take that first, sometimes scary step of actually booking themselves on a course.  Once on the course, any initial fears naturally fall by the wayside within the supportive and nurturing environment of these classes, as you can see from reading through some of these (unsolicited) written testimonials.

I'm looking forward to the autumn ahead, a most auspicious time for gathering together, to slow down, take stock and ground ourselves after the sometimes fast-and-furious days of summer.  If you'd like to join us in this endeavor, it will be made all the more special.

And if you have any questions, please feel free to give me a call on 07971 774151.

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