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Artwave 2011: 'Witnessing the World Within & Without: Photographic & Poetic Musings'


Witnessing the World Within & Without:
Photographic & Poetic Musings
by Lewes Writer-Photographers
Sean M. Madden and Mufidah Kassalias

LEWES, East Sussex (August 16, 2011) / MindfulLivingGuide.com /

Two writer-photographers from Lewes are making a splash in this year's celebrated Artwave visual arts festival running throughout Lewes District from August 27 to September 11.  In fact, they are the only Artwave exhibitors listed under the writer category, though they're also listed as photographers.

Sean M. Madden and Mufidah Kassalias are known primarily for their day jobs.  For the past few years, Sean has been leading popular creative writing and mindful living courses and workshops in Lewes and the surrounding Sussex area. In this capacity, Sean is known as the Mindful Living Guide and promotes his services via his MindfulLivingGuide.com website.  His partner, Mufidah, is known locally as the Mac Woman, helping her clients learn to use their Apple Mac computers more efficiently.  Mufidah has hung out her online shingle at MacMadeEasy.biz.

Earlier in the year, they opened up their home — a spacious second-floor apartment smack-dab in the centre of Lewes, on the High Street directly across from Caffè Nero — to teach their respective courses and workshops as well as to meet privately with one-to-one clients. Sean says, "We realised how ridiculous it was to be hiring venues in Lewes, Brighton, Eastbourne, etc. when we live in a lovely flat which can easily accommodate a dozen or more students in our open-plan living space. No venue hire fees, no need to work around the availability of busy venues, and it's economically feasible to run smaller, more intimate classes."

Mufidah adds, "While we enjoy holding events at various Sussex venues, it's wonderful to have our clients join us in our home. And Sean and I are continuously told how much students love coming here, that there's an open, relaxing quality which supports us in our coming together to write or what not."

They call their at-home venue Behind the Blue Door, and it's located at 177 High Street (Flat 4).

Both writers and photographers, Sean and Mufidah are now collaborating on an Artwave 2011 photography and writing exhibition entitled, Witnessing the World Within & Without:  Photographic & Poetic Musings.  They plan to exhibit eight photographs in total, each of which will be accompanied by a brief piece of writing, written as a creative response to the image.

Sean says the exhibition title comes from a phrase which he has used often in his writing and mindful living classes to express the life skill of "taking time out during our hectic day-to-day goings on to simply witness, without judgment, the world around and within us.  This simple act of noticing the world, as well as our response to it, is an incredibly powerful way to ground ourselves.  And it's particularly useful for creative artists who can thereby find tiny yet explosive seeds of inspiration from the small details of our lives."

Sean and Mufidah's Behind the Blue Door venue will be open to the public throughout the three weekends of Artwave — August 27, 28 and September 3, 4, 10, 11 — from 11 am to 4 pm.  They will also open on Bank Holiday Monday, August 29, from 11 am to 2 pm.  Light refreshments will be available, and limited-edition photographic prints will be on sale.

To learn more about the Witnessing the World Within & Without exhibition, visit MindfulLivingGuide.com. Or telephone Sean on 07971 774151.

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For further information or other media enquiries, please contact Sean or Mufidah, both of whom are available for in-person, telephone or email interviews:

Sean M. Madden / 07971 774151 / sean@mindfullivingguide.com / MindfulLivingGuide.com
Mufidah Kassalias / 07595 257852 / mufidah@macmadeeasy.biz /

Behind the Blue Door venue location:  view map

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