Friday, May 6, 2011

Exciting New Developments in the MLG Realm ...

Dear Friends,

Several exciting developments within the Mindful Living Guide realm follow, along with a few reminders of upcoming courses and workshops ...

MLG Goes Bananas!

As you might have noticed, this mailing has a different look and feel from previous ones.  That's because we've finally decided to enlist the help of an email service, called MailChimp, to help simplify the management of subscriptions, etc.  That means folk in the MLG community can subscribe or unsubscribe automatically, and we can focus our energies on, well, living mindfully!

Mindfully Decadent Monday

Just a very brief reminder that our riverside walk, writing and picnic workshop will be held this coming Monday, 9 May.  We'll meet Behind the Blue Door just before 10 am, and make the short stroll together down through the Pells to the River Ouse.  We'll then make our way slowly upstream towards Hamsey Church, stopping along the way to read from inspiring literature, to write and to share our writing with one another within an incredibly supportive group.  And we have special permission from Rev. Bastide to picnic and to linger within the lovely Hamsey churchyard!  For planning purposes, we'll return to Lewes roundabout 3 pm.  The workshop fee is £35, as usual, and we'll each bring along our own eats and drinks to keep things simple.

If you'd like to join us for this leisurely start to the week, please contact Sean via email, text or telephone (07971 774151) as soon as possible.

Saturday, 21 May
Creative Writing Workshop

For less outdoorsy folk, or for those who for whatever reason can't join us this coming Monday, there's the regularly scheduled third-Saturday-of-the-month workshop which will meet Behind the Blue Door, from 12.30 to 4.30 pm.  Workshop Fee:  £35.  As always, places in each workshop (and course) are limited and are, therefore, booked on a first-come, first-served basis.  Thus pre-registration is required.  To book your place, please click here.

MLG now on Google Places!

It's easier than ever to find us, both within the real and virtual worlds via Google.  As of just yesterday, Mindful Living Guide is listed on Google Places, meaning that folk can easily find us Behind the Blue Door, or online, via various Google searches (e.g., mindful living guide lewes).

Click here to check out the listing.  And if you're an existing student or one-to-one client, I'd greatly appreciate your taking a few moments to provide a rating or review of my MLG services.  Simply scroll to the bottom of the Mindful Living Guide page on Google Places (after clicking on the previous link) until you come to the section entitled 'Reviews by Google users'.  Then click on the 'Rate and review' link or the 'Sign in to rate' link if you're not already signed in to Google.  Again, thank you in advance.

NEW! Monday Evening
Creative Writing Course in Lewes ...

In addition to the two-plus-year-old Wednesday morning Creative Writing class in Lewes, there's now a second offering on Monday evenings.  Both classes now meet Behind the Blue Door. The 6-week course fee is £95, and the upcoming course details follow:

Simplified Courses & Workshops Listing

This past Tuesday, I greatly simplified the Courses & Workshops page of the Mindful Living Guide website to make it easier for folk to read.  As you might have noticed above, there are as many offerings as ever, but they've all literally been brought home to Lewes now that both Mufidah and I are teaching Behind the Blue Door.  So, the complexity of the old multi-venue course and workshop listing is history!  All part of the overall simplification of processes which are already helping both Mufidah and me to simplify our lives while still running a tight ship!

That's all folks.  In less than two hours, the very first Friday Fling to gather Behind the Blue Door will kick off with the 6-week Art of Living in Awareness course.  And there's much to do between now and then, so must run ...

Enjoy your weekend, and please let me know if you'd like to join us for Mindfully Decadent Monday.  Although rain's expected over the weekend, the forecast for Monday looks splendiferous!

With warm regards,

Sean M. Madden
tel. 07971 774151

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