Monday, April 18, 2011

Spontaneous Creative Writing Class: TODAY, 18 April, 10 am to 12 noon

photo by sean, © 2011

I spent nearly seven hours in nature on Sunday.  I took a couple hundred photographs, recorded two-plus hours of the sounds of nature — including the cuckoo overhead — and uttered just one sentence during this time, a simple acknowledgment of the cuckoo to a fellow walker.  Apart from this walker, two teenage girls who rode past on horseback, unaware that I was sitting on a log near an adjacent footpath, and two mountain bikers who likewise had no idea I was nestled just below the crest, amidst trees, grazing rabbits and the glow of the golden hour, I saw no one.  I spent hours sitting in various small woods, and yet more hours lying alone in a huge, wide-open field, basking in the sun, listening to a skylark singing just above me and, later on, to two albums at low volume via the two tiny external speakers of my iPhone:  Cat Stevens' Greatest Hits and The Best of Nirvana.  Nirvana it was.  Bliss, simplicity and stillness.

And, so, I'm inspired to run a Spontaneous Creative Writing Class in the morning, from 10 am to 12 noon.

We'll meet Behind the Blue Door @ 177 High Street (Flat 4), Lewes, directly across the street from Caffe Nero.

No preregistration is required, though I'd appreciate your sending me a brief text message (07971 774151) or email, if possible.  And then just bring along:  1) a notebook, 2) a couple of pens, 3) a bottle of water or some such liquid to wet the whistle, 4) an extra pair of thick socks or slippers (due to sock-destroying rustic wooden floors), and 5) the £15 fee (cash or cheque).

And just ring our bell, again Flat 4, a few minutes before 10 am.  You're welcome, too, to bring along a coffee from Patisserie Lewes, Caffe Nero, etc.  Perhaps bring along a friend or two as well!

I look forward to seeing all who can join us ...

With warm regards,


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