Wednesday, March 23, 2011

One-to-One Mindful Living, Meditation & Writing Guidance: In Person or Worldwide

 photo by Sean M. Madden, © 2011 

Mindful Living, Meditation & Writing Guidance
in person or worldwide via Skype, telephone or email

"Hi Sean, Our [one-to-one] time together more than fulfilled my expectations and has proved extremely helpful with your insights and wonderfully relaxed approach to everything.  I was amazed to find that time had passed so quickly.  Also, this morning's class was vast for me — like a huge weight has lifted from my shoulders in such a warm, accepting and comforting environment.  Thank you so much."
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Living, Writing & Growing in Awareness ...

 Re-awaken to the present moment through meditative awareness
Reduce stress, learn to still your mind, relax your body
Learn to embrace and grow through difficult/challenging times
Acknowledge, honor and explore loss and grief through writing
Develop skills to assist with depression and anxiety
Manage life, relationship and career transitions more effectively
Develop your intuition and learn to listen to your inner intelligence
Reconnect with yourself and others in an authentic way
Discover and nurture your inherent creativity
Develop an ongoing creative/reflective writing practice

Sean also facilitates extended I Ching consultations,
typically lasting between 45 minutes and an hour,
should you like to work together on a one-to-one basis.
This can be particularly useful as a means to strengthen
your own intuition should you be on the verge of having
to make a difficult decision, or if you're wondering
which way to go, which path to follow.

Contact Sean to arrange an appointment,
or for more information, including fees ...

Telephone+44 (0)7971 774151
Skype:  sean.m.madden

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