Thursday, November 25, 2010

What am I grateful for?

photo by sean, © 2010

I wrote the below as a free-writing exercise during yesterday's creative writing class in Lewes.  We took about six minutes to write in response to the following question ...

What am I grateful for?

As always, I am grateful for this, what we're doing here this morning.  I've written and said it a hundred times at least, and, yet, it remains just as true today.  I am grateful for having the opportunity to share this time together, to share presence with all of you around this familiar table, to share our stories, our poems, to give of ourselves, and to be received without judgment.

I am grateful for this space (the Upper Hall of the Lewes Subud Centre), this beautiful, light and airy room in which we sit, and for the countless gifts which this space has spawned — the space to do what it is we do here each class, each workshop, the gift of so many dear friends, and the gift of a livelihood doing what I love to do.

I am grateful for Mufidah, my partner and the house manager of the Subud Centre, whom I might never have met had I not started to run classes here nearly two years ago.  I am grateful for this morning's bright sunshine which burst through our second-floor windows and onto my chest while I sat on the sofa, next to Mufidah, eating our porridge together.  I am grateful for Mufidah's generosity, her selfless support, understanding and patience, as well as her welcoming me so wholly into her High Street home earlier this year.

And I am grateful for my beautiful 19-year-old daughter Luka who is, today, in the suburbs of Boston with my Aunt Jackie and her family celebrating Thanksgiving during her much-deserved break from her first year of university in western Massachusetts.

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