Monday, November 1, 2010

Saturday's Creative Writing Workshop in Hastings

  photo by sean, © 2010

A quick update in honor of this past Saturday's chock-a-block Creative Writing Workshop at 12 Claremont in Hastings. As always, a wonderful group of folk joined us around the metaphorical table (or the literal 6.5 tables set up along the perimeter of the Reading Room, including the very small podium sort of a desk which I sat at, making me feel rather disconcertingly like a schoolteacher of old!). Truly inspiring, authentic writing emanated from everyone's notebooks over the course of the day. A real honor, as always, to be able to facilitate this coming together, this sharing.

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  1. Note that the boat in the foreground, RX89, is the same boat which is pictured in my post from last Friday. The photo in that (Friday's) post was taken in November 2008. I took the photo above on Saturday, 30 October 2010. The boat belongs to Paul Joy, the fisherman with whom I went to sea two years ago, along with his crew of two.