Friday, November 12, 2010

My morning with Martin ...

photo by sean, © 2010

Spent the morning with Martin, my dear 91-year-old friend and former writing student. Although we mostly ran errands around town, it was good just to be with him, to share in his day.

We picked up a few things from Waitrose and, despite the longer line, had to go to a particular checkout girl, one of Martin's many girlfriends dotted about town and England at large. After stopping by the optician's to pick up Martin's new reading spectacles, with the aid of which he hopes to get back to doing his calligraphy, we visited the hardware store to check on the availability of a new doorbell, and then crossed to the other side of Cliffe High Street for a couple cups of coffee at Bill's.

I left Martin at the depot as he got onto the bus which would take him home across town before it continued on to Newhaven. But after walking away, I thought, rats, I should have taken some photos of him to accompany a post on Facebook. So, I hurried back and asked the driver if he would mind if I boarded the bus for a few moments to take a couple photos of my friend. This is one of the resulting two pictures, a bit blurry as I cropped out most of the background and it was snapped with my silly ol' iPhone.

But Martin's beaming self shines right through.

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