Monday, November 8, 2010

The division of labour in pin manufacturing ...

photo by sean, © 2010

"The division of labour in pin manufacturing: (and the great increase in the quantity of work that results)" ~ Adam Smith

Leave it to the Bank of England to leave out the corollary truth about the great fragmenting of countless souls that likewise results along with the great decrease in the quality of work.

Would it be too much to ask that legal tender -- in the pursuit of which so many lose their humanity -- be devoid of heartless propaganda? Of course the answer is, yes.

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  1. ... a corollary truth, however, that Adam Smith hit upon which the Bank of England finds it fit to leave out:

    "However, in a further chapter of the same book Smith criticizes the division of labour saying it leads to a 'mental mutilation' in workers; they become ignorant and insular as their working lives are confined to a single repetitive task. The contradiction has led to some debate over Smith's opinion of the division of labour."

    Source: Wikipedia.