Friday, September 17, 2010

1) Twitter 2) Spontaneous Writing Classes 3) Classes via Skype 4) Facebook

Hello Folks,

Four exciting announcements ... including a FREE online writing class, via Skype, for the first dozen or so students who let me know they'd like to participate in a trial run.

1) Follow Mindful Living Guide on Twitter!

As of a few days ago, you can now follow MLG on Twitter.  To do so, click here.  And, as those who already use Twitter know, you can set up your account to automatically receive "Tweets" (Twitter messages, limited to 140 characters) via your mobile phone.  This is a great way to stay in touch, and receive little tidbits about what's going on in the Mindful Living Guide realm ... to receive inspiring quotes from whatever I'm reading at the moment, book recommendations, course updates, and, as noted immediately below, the whereabouts of my new Spontaneous Writing Classes which will very soon be popping up around East Sussex (e.g., Brighton, Lewes, Eastbourne) ...

2) Spontaneous Writing Classes

Inspired by the success of our Sunday morning writing class in Eastbourne throughout this past spring and summer -- whereby we met at the tea chalet at the end of the promenade, and then typically moved to the beach to continue writing -- as well as the countless classes I've taught in the Lewes Grange Gardens and on Brighton Beach, I am now offering spontaneous writing classes, which will be announced via Twitter.  So, another good reason to click here, in case you missed the previous link!

This is how it will work.  Whenever I'm inspired to spontaneously teach a class somewhere -- wherever I happen to be at the moment or, say, a day or two in advance -- I'll just Tweet the location where we'll meet as well as the class times.  Then if you'd like to join us, simply bring your notebook, a pen or two, and £10 (cash or cheque) for a spontaneous two-hour writing class.

So, unlike my scheduled courses and workshops, you won't have to book ahead to come.  'Twould be helpful, though, if you could just telephone or send a quick text letting me know you're planning on joining us.  Perhaps this coming Sunday, weather-permitting?  If you'd be interested in joining us, you can send me a very brief email or text and let me know your preferred location (e.g., Brighton, Lewes), and I'll take this into consideration when making my decision.

Also, if any of you have ideas about possible locations to hold future Spontaneous Writing Classes (inside or out-of-doors), please let me know!

3) Online Classes via Skype (FREE Offer!)

Also coming soon ... online Creative Writing Classes which will be held via Skype.  The very cool thing about this is that English-speaking folk from around the world -- beyond East Sussex, London, etc. -- will be able to join these classes, and pay online via my secure PayPal account which is already accessible via Mindful Living Guide.

As noted above, I'm offering a FREE online writing class, via Skype, for the first dozen or so students -- that is, folk who are presently or were previously enrolled in a course or workshop, and who, therefore, are already familiar with the in-person classes -- who let me know they'd like to participate in a trial run, as a means to work out any kinks prior to going live.  So, if you'd like to participate in this trial run, you can simply reply to this email or telephone or text me.

Also, for anyone who might like to add me to their Skype contacts, my Skype id is sean.m.madden.

And finally ...

4)  You can now also follow Mindful Living Guide on Facebook ...

After years of quite strident commitment to not being sucked into the Facebook phenomenon, I've decided, at least for now, that the many benefits of being able to stay in touch via Facebook outweigh any potential downsides.  Although I've only just set up my Facebook account, there are already a couple of upcoming events posted to my wall as well as a link from one of the participants of the recent Tilton House writing and yoga retreat who has single-handedly organized, on our behalf, a Creative Writing Workshop in Hastings on Saturday 30 October.

Also soon to come on Facebook will be both a Mindful Living Guide page and a group.  The page will be a sort of website presence on Facebook, in addition to MindfulLivingGuide.comHowever, the group will provide a space for all MLG students, past and present, to keep in touch with one another, to share their writing, etc., outside of class.  Countless folk over the past couple years have asked if something like this might be possible, and Facebook seems like an ideal way to create this online community which can also facilitate our meeting up in person.

That's all folks!  :-)

Thank you, again and as always, for your continued support ...

With warm regards,

Sean M. Madden
mobile: +44 (0)7971 774151
facebook - skype - twitter

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