Friday, June 19, 2009

The Star

by Suzanne Staniforth
Mindful Living Guide
June 19, 2009

Three times, at most, I've seen the star
Perhaps not registering much the first time
The second time it shone in through my window.

I felt somehow it was meant to be —
It stayed absolutely static, never moving
Until the deep dark sky started turning into light.

Only then it faded slowly from my sight
And left me with a sense of loneliness and loss
As we had seemed to share a close connection.

I felt it knew, and was listening to my thoughts
Understood and listened without censure
As if it was aware of all I told it.

Each night for a quarter of a year
I have looked and hoped —
Always just a dark and starless sky.

I know nothing of stellar movement
It may be shining over Israel or over Rome
If that is so, I shall exist on hope and waiting.

Hoping one night it will be in my sky again
I shall then experience joyful reconciliation
A feeling of a void that's filled from space.

Even if it be but brief again
Just to see it shining in, and connecting,
To see the special star will make me whole.

© copyright 2009 by Suzanne Staniforth.


  1. This is a lovely poem by Suzanne which I have been privileged to hear her read. I feel it's a story of sensitivity, sharing with us emotions of hope, disappointment and wonder.