Monday, May 18, 2009

Nature's Pulse

photo by sean, © 2009

by Dominic Nevill

Let loose the madmen into the woods
To soak and soothe their souls
May energy shoots apace
Like a city in full flow
Stop to listen to the crackle of life
And birdsong and colour and me there
Stripped bare as a child softly floating
Barely touching the ground as I tread the leaves.

Leaving the sea of bluebells perched in perfect light
To delve deeper into the darkening wood
Its womb beckoning deep and dangerous thoughts
Come and go, come and stay awhile
That timeless pain wants its time
Out of the box and into the heart
Vibrate it through the oak, ash and birch,
Till it runs its course.

Birdsong brings me back to the light tight
Swaying in the breeze leaves and makes me pause
Before I climb the hill to home.

© copyright 2009 by Dominic Nevill.


  1. Sean, thank you for your wonderful pictures. You really bring the woods alive. Wonderful to see. Look forward to meeting you folk when I get to live in your area. Best wishes for now. Deema.

  2. Thank you Dominic for your lovely poem that describes for me so well a recent time (May 9th) i had spent looking for my lost companions in a bluebell wood. You have perfectly described the serenity of the beauty edged with suspected 'danger'.

  3. My view of this poem is that it is not just descriptive, thoughtful and good to read but is a expression of energy and awareness perfectly capturing one of natures highlights.