Thursday, March 26, 2009

Viva Lewes: Photos of the Week

photo by sean, © 2009

Yesterday afternoon, I received an email from Viva Lewes editor Alex Leith telling me that the above photograph would be published in this week's online edition as one of their photos of the week. The edition went live this afternoon. Please note that this "photo of the week" page is not archived on Viva Lewes, and so my photograph will disappear from their website once next week's edition is published.

Lewes locals will know that the photograph was taken in the Southover Grange gardens. I took it just this past Saturday, the 21st of March, while walking around town.


  1. Beeeeeautiful, absolutely beautiful. Can't wait to get moved down there so I can also walk past and have a look. How wonderful, and well done you for capturing it!!!!
    Dee Agirdici-Maher.