Monday, February 16, 2009

Don't be fearful, be inspired ...

photo by sean, © 2009

The past day or so I've been doing a sort of early spring cleaning (the half-full glass) or too-long-in-coming late winter organizing (the half-empty glass).

In going through one of my stacks of papers, I stumbled upon a note which I had written in pencil on the reverse side of a handout given to us by our dear yoga teacher, Grace Annand, in Uckfield.

I have stumbled upon this note before, and each time have been happy to have done so. I wrote it as a reminder to myself on September 11, 2007 (I had dated the note), but find it relevant still.

Anyway, this is what the note says:

" ~ Don't be fearful (of the unknown, the question of what is to be done, etc.), be inspired with the foreknowledge that confidence — and, indeed, inspiration itself — builds as soon as one has taken that first step, no matter if it feels more like a giant leap into the abyss."

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