Friday, October 5, 2007

Two Poems on Presence

These poems are by our good friend, and prior contributor, Dan Tremaglio. Dan is presently on the Greek island of Antiparos, where he reports "doing little else besides work on fiction".

by Dan Tremaglio
Mindful Living Guide
October 5, 2007


Sitting at the table
I notice streaks of light on the wall
Like those cast by a passing car
And I turn to see out the window
No car
But an old man in a white shirt
Walking slowly by


photo by Danny McL

Jackrabbit, Juniper

The clay everywhere glows red
Red too are storm clouds over mountains
Very far away
The desert is a quiet place at sunset
Occasionally I see lightning in the distance
And eons later
Hear a faint rumble
But no louder than the step of a jackrabbit
Stirring beneath the juniper tree

© copyright 2007 by Dan Tremaglio.

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