Thursday, March 29, 2007

A Bajan Garden

photo by diana jepson

by Diana Jepson
Mindful Living Guide
March 29, 2007

Sapphires hanging in cotton wisps against an azure sky;
Ackee trees letting warm breeze rustle through their leaves;
After the drenching.

When swirling heat and cloud release their water bombs on this fine earth;
Only an interruption in the order of things; a mere passing crescendo
Of flashing fire and thunderous explosion in a heavy swirl of chasing clouds.

And after, the thick green grass cools and cushions bare feet,
Soft steam rises in the blazing sun.

To sit so quiet in this silent hush
And breathe the breath of earth’s own mystery.

To look on colours nestling rich in heavy boughs;
Vivid crotons, oleander, orchids and the giant lily;
All sitting with their neighbours,
The soft, blue plumbago, the gentle rose, and dancing dainty maids.

In this place where warm sunshine bathes us in its light,
And lets our spirits free to dance
To the music of the gods in Paradise.

— — —
Diana Jepson came to writing by accident after having to retire prematurely from a much loved career as a registered nurse in the management and clinical practice of caring for older people. Her forced retirement was in the main a result of arthritis.

She "started out" in the tiny Caribbean island of St Vincent, born to parents who loved reading and learning, and who showed always a huge interest in life and their fellow man. From a very young age she travelled with her parents to the island of Dominica where her father took up an engineering post for the government. Dominica, along with many other Caribbean islands, was then a British colony.

It was in Dominica that Diana met the young man at three years of age who was to later become her lifelong husband, friend and companion. They now have three grown children.

Her inspiration is her heritage, her family, and her interest in people throughout the world. Her highest hopes are for justice for all, and for world peace.

© copyright 2007 by Diana Jepson.


  1. Diana --

    Thank you for this lovely gift~ It is dampish and grey in my corner of the universe right now and I find it hard to be mindful while waiting for the spring. Your photo and poem give me light and warmth and a subtle push toward finding my own garden in my mind.
    Khat Howard
    Rochester, NY

  2. A rich poem; thank you. This is like a dollar in my mind's pocket.

    My favorite clause: "breathe the breath of earth’s own mystery."

    Peace, Don