Monday, February 19, 2007

A Monday Offering

This is one of an infinite number of views of the area in the woods which we call the Hobbitage, a place that is very special to us.

It is a magical place, and I, for one, hold out the possibility that, one day when I have settled my mind and exude peace and well-being, little, dapperly-dressed people will emerge from their secret hideaways to say hello, and perhaps invite me to tea.

Mostly, though, we just meditate there, listen to the stream rushing, streaming or trickling past, depending on recent rainfall, and to the birds singing and the squirrels scampering above, and we quiet our minds, observe deeply the wonders of nature, within and without, the miracles of even the mosses, and meld with all phenomena within the present moment at hand.

This is our practice, our work, our pleasure.

Tea with the little people, if it ever comes, would, however, be a most welcome delight. Until such a time, the wet noses and muddy paws of passerby pooch friends will do quite nicely. Woof ...

1 comment:

  1. lovely to see such green in the midst of our frozen winter -- although today's temps will rise above 32F (it is forecast).

    the idea of sitting amongst trees and water (this is a theme for you folks, yes, the water?) is very appealing and must make for wonderful meditation sessions.

    thanks for sharing!