Friday, February 16, 2007

Mindfulness to penetrating insight, or wisdom

The faithful follower of the Noble Path makes efforts, and by persisting in his efforts becomes mindful, and by remaining mindful becomes concentrated, and by maintaining concentration develops right understanding, and by understanding rightly develops real faith, being confident in knowing, "Those truths of which before I had only heard, now I dwell having experienced them directly within the body, and I observe them with penetrating insight."
Source: Samyutta Nikaya, XLVIII (IV). v. 10 (50), Apana Sutta (spoken by Sariputta, a principal disciple of the Buddha).

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  1. "now I dwell, having experienced them directly within the body..."

    Aha! and that is the secret of true understanding, yes?

    Best, Bud

    PS: Bravo