Friday, February 9, 2007

Introduction to Mindfulness Meditation Course

The 6-week Introduction to Mindfulness Meditation course will provide a solid grounding in a daily, moment-to-moment practice which can change our lives for the better, by strengthening and freeing our minds to see things as they really are. Instead of being stuck in our habitual ways whereby we react to various external stimuli, we can learn to respond, responsibly, and to connect with the vibrancy of life within ourselves and the world around us.

The practice promotes inner peace and calm, and physical and spiritual well-being, in part by reducing stress via simple techniques which can provide us with wisdom and insight. However, as Taoist author Deng Ming-Dao says, "Meditation is not a supplementary activity. It is not mere relaxation and stress reduction. It is the way to bring one's very humanity into focus."

There are no course prerequisites. All are warmly welcome.

Mindfulness meditation practice is, like yoga, non-sectarian and can be practiced by anyone, regardless of faith or religion. While grounded in the Dharma—the law of nature, or the teachings of the Buddha—the practice provides a pragmatic, timeless solution to universal problems which all human beings face.

Yoga practitioners will likely find that their yoga practice deepens considerably through daily mindfulness meditation practice.

An Important Note:

As the course is sequential, with the technique progressing each week, it is important for students to make a firm self-commitment to attend each class, especially the first day. If a student were to drop the course, we would be unable to fill the spot again. Therefore, the non-refundable fee is payable in advance.

What to Wear:

Warm, loose-fitting/non-binding, casual clothing is recommended for the student's own comfort. Yoga pants, tracksuit or pajama bottoms, and the like are good possibilities.

Wear whatever makes you comfortable.

What to Bring:

Students may bring their own meditation cushion, yoga mat (to place cushion on), and a blanket if they have them. Otherwise, chairs will be available, as sitting cross-legged is not necessary to practice this meditation technique.

Questions? Email Sean.

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  1. Wish I could attend, but alas I live across the pond. Next time I'm in London, however, I'll be sure to register. Good luck Sean & Rebecca!