Wednesday, January 3, 2007

How to Meditate

The following text and photograph are from the Shambhala Sun. I include this herein as the links below provide quick access to a wealth of meditation techniques from various Buddhist traditions:

How to Meditate: The Shambhala Sun offers the best selection of meditation instructions available on the web.

Sit quietly and upright, pay attention to your experience, and don’t try to achieve a special state of mind. Why is sitting and doing nothing the most difficult, mysterious, joyful, painful, profound, and life-changing thing we can do? Because it is the radical opposite of what we usually do to try to make ourselves happy. All Buddhist meditation aims to help us find liberation by going against the grain of our usual habits of mind. In this selection of articles from the Shambhala Sun, we present teachings on the various techniques of meditation from all the major schools of Buddhism.

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