Monday, January 22, 2007


(click above to see the full-sized photograph)

On Saturday evening, my daughter, Luka, and I posted a photograph of Sakyamuni. As I said there, Sakyamuni is one of Rebecca's and my great tree friends. Above, is another, which we call Bodhidharma.

This is the tree in which Rebecca and I regularly sit, either singly or together, and in which I witnessed a wondrous barn owl fly-by. Click here for a description of that event, posted as a blog comment.

I took the photographs of both trees a week or so ago.


  1. It's very nice to give names of reverence to trees. It always gives to a tree a special dignity, even if it is merely psychological.

  2. "Thank you, Raymond."

    These were the apt words which flowed off my wife, Rebecca's, lips the moment I had read your comment to her.

    And, yes, we must be mindful that our naming a being does not in any way change the nature of that being. But as you suggest, it bestows upon such beings as trees a special dignity which is really our recognition within that such a being is, indeed, beautiful and ever so worthy of our respect.

    Our words are mere pointers, to remind us. They flow around the being which we name as just another passing wisp over the surface.

    This is, of course, as it should be.

    Our words, our concepts, cannot possibly capture the magic of the ten thousand things, or reality. At best, they are guideposts.

    Thank you, Raymond.

    Sean (& Rebecca)