Saturday, December 9, 2006

Mindful Living (Rev. So Daiho Hilbert)

Tuesday, October 31, 2006

With palms together,
Good Morning All,

Mindful living is tiresome. It takes work and exposes us to pain. Most of us cannot live this way and take something. We take a drink, or a hit on a funny looking cigarette, or a cigarette itself. Others, wonder with our bodies, lusting after this delight or that. Some of us hide in our thoughts. Still others fall deeply in love with ourselves and spend hours preening. It all comes to the same thing, increased suffering.

While mindful living takes constant effort and attention, it is the only way to truly appreciate our lives. Exposed to pain? So what else is new, we suffer pain, just as we suffer joy. Wanting one to stay and the other to flee is pointless: they both come and go like waves on the surface of a pond. Change your relationship to the waves, regardless of what we call them, and they disappear as waves.

Takes effort? Of course. Takes attention? Yeppers. So what else do you have to do with your life but live it?

Be well.

Rev. Harvey So Daiho Hilbert, Ph.D.
May All Beings Be Free From Suffering

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