Friday, December 8, 2006

For those who wonder, "What is your lineage?"

My mindful living lineage is the Massachusetts forest-dwelling tradition of Henry David Thoreauji, my primary philosophical school that of hard knocks and soft whispers, and my practice an abundance of personal experience and places, great books, East and West, sweet dreams, great teachers, long walks and lonely winters, the woods and the waters, mountains and valleys, the glorious sun and just-fallen snow, stillness and silence, and, perhaps most importantly, great trust in the wisdom within and without, whispered by the greatest teachers of all—the breath and the ten thousand things—such that only the subtlest of listeners can hear their truth.

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  1. Just found you, am about to read your open letter to Amy Goodman, but wanted to 'check you out' first and am enjoying so far what I am reading. Look forward to possibly conversing with you and perhaps submitting a writing or two to Mindful Living.